Saturday, November 26, 2011

Blog cross-post: Reaching Beyond

My fellow blogger, Shirley Kirsten (see her link in my blogroll: Arioso7's Blog), posted a link to this documentary about an inspirational piano teacher, Irina Orlov.

If you have about an hour and a half to kill, it's well worth spending the time on it. I may even watch it again sometime.

Reaching Beyond

Note: the site linked here is in Russian (I believe), but the video itself is in English.

(I was interested to note that she is in my locale, and several people I know are interviewed.)


ThinkGreen LovePurple said...

Awesome, I love documentaries. Thanks for sharing this! I only watched the first few minutes but it looks interesting... when I do have an hour to kill, I'll watch the rest.

shirley said...

Hi Harriet, I figured this was your turf, and the film's participants might ring familiar. I wonder if students have to audition to study with Irena at this point? The demand must be keen. Looks like Levine is a bastion of high culture.. nothing like here in Fresno. But I always got the sense that DC had a bit of airs? as I visited twice, and politics were so glaring.. plus the hierarchical structure in one form or another.
Am I dreaming, or was this a reality?

Harriet said...

Shirley, I would suspect Irina has a waiting list a couple of miles long. And yes, DC is very much like that. There's a saying that it has "Northern charm and Southern efficiency." I always felt intimidated by the Levine School. I know some of the teachers there and one of them once tried to help me get on the staff as a cello teacher, but they wouldn't give me the time of day (as my mother used to say). It's now a big operation, with a number of branches throughout the area.

ThinkGreen, I'm sure you will enjoy this. It's also on YouTube but split up into parts -- the link Shirley posted has the entire film in one file.