Sunday, October 18, 2009

Master class

I attended a master class today put on by the Adult Music Student Forum. This is an incorporated successor of a group founded 21 years ago by piano teacher Matthew Harre to give adult music students opportunities to perform. There are several recitals every month, ranging from small groups in people's living rooms to recitals at the mansion at Strathmore. It's really a great organization. The small membership fee is well worth it for what it offers.

I joined this group a couple of years ago, but have only participated in a few events. I've had one excuse after another -- both legit and non. When I saw this master class had been scheduled, I asked if I could play, but the four slots were already taken. I decided to go anyway, and it was interesting. I unfortunately forgot to bring anything to write with, so I couldn't take notes, but the gist of what was said was aimed at bringing out structures and long lines by focusing on the smallest details of phrasing, articulation, and pedaling.

It made me itchy to get home and practice. Off to do so!

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