Friday, May 7, 2010


I went out on a limb and offered to play the Brahms on an Adult Music Student Forum recital on Sunday. So I've been practicing it quite a bit this week, mostly very slowly (i.e., setting the metronome to 56 = eighth note and working up to full tempo a few notches at a time). I'd say it's still not 100% secure, so I'm thinking it would be best if I don't play from memory. This feels like a cop-out, but I want to have a pleasant experience here! (I did play it from memory on the recording I posted here, btw, but of course that wasn't in front of an audience on an unfamiliar piano.)

If I do use the music, that means I need to practice it with the music, which means I need to make a copy so I don't have to turn pages. This is why it's better to play piano music from memory -- it gets complicated.

So off to practice some more . . .

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