Saturday, January 29, 2011



We had a little snow storm this week, just a few inches at most, but it was somehow heavy and wet enough to cause power outages all over the place. We had both left work early on Wednesday afternoon (thank you, OPM!), so hadn't gotten stuck in the legendary traffic jams around the area, like our neighbor, who spent 5 hours in her car driving less than 10 miles, and were eating dinner around 7:00 when the power went out. We have a gas hot water heater and a gas stove, so we were able to clean up and make some tea, and we are well supplied with candles and flashlights. 

I was even able to practice the piano by candlelight, and my husband caught up on some reading. Sleeping wasn't bad, with a down quilt and two cats on the bed. 

But then by Thursday morning, power was still out. And again yesterday morning. PEPCO had promised to have us back on by 11:00 last night, but 11:00 came and went, and no power. It was pretty darn cold in here. I was reduced to huddling on the couch with a hat on my head and a cat on my lap. When I got in bed, one of the cats crawled under the covers with m e and stayed there most of the night. Finally, this morning a little before 7:00, we were back on.

So this has put a bite into my practicing, and I also feel like I'm on the edge of having a cold. But I'll get back on it today.

Because . . .

I finally will be taking some piano lessons! They start on Tuesday (unless the weather intervenes again).

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