Monday, May 23, 2011

Recital accomplished

This afternoon, I played on the adult student recital at the music school where I'm taking lessons. This was my second shot at the first movement of Beethoven's Op. 31 No. 2 (okay, "The Tempest," to make it easier for everyone).

I felt very well prepared, but even so, sitting down at that big piano in front of an audience without any music in front of me was like standing on the high dive over the deep end. I really had to assert mind control to shut up that voice in my head telling me I couldn't possibly do this.

I was scheduled first (again) -- this time because I had told my teacher I had to leave after the first half hour of the recital because I had an orchestra rehearsal -- so I didn't have much time to get nervous. But I was still nervous. So the exposition the first time through was rushed, and I missed a couple of things. In general, though, I had it under control, and starting with the repeat things felt better.

I got a good response from the audience, my teacher was happy, and the director of the school complimented me as I trundled out the door with my cello. My husband recorded it for me, but I haven't gotten the nerve up to listen to it yet. Maybe tomorrow. For now, I just want to bask in the fact that I actually played the piano in public and that it wasn't a total disaster.

Thought for the day: As we were eating lunch at home before heading out for this thing, I said to my husband, "What's the point of doing this, really?" And he said, "It's important. It's art, and culture, and music, the things that are part of civilization and make life worth living."


pdxknitterati said...

Your husband's comments are true and good. You've got a keeper! Congrats on the recital.

Harriet said...

He is a keeper. :)