Sunday, June 3, 2012

Mission accomplished

So I'm done with Pezzo Capriccioso! I held it together very well (if I do say so myself) until the very end when I missed a few notes, but even there kept it going. I got lots of nice compliments from people afterward, and I actually enjoyed playing, even though I certainly don't look like it in this picture:

A friend of mine culled this from a smart phone movie she took. I would post the whole movie, but (a) the beginning was cut off and (b) I look like a grumpy old man the entire time. I swear, I wasn't upset at all, just concentrating really hard, though I was pretty relaxed.

I've got some audio, but I need to decompress a bit before I deal with it.


ec said...

Congratulations on surviving the test with grace! It's asking a lot of oneself to expect to look cheerful as one performs. You look focused on what you're doing, and that's a good thing:) Maybe I'm overly tetchy on that score right now because my teacher has zeroed in on a less than beautiful habit that I came by honestly-females in my family purse their lips when they're concentrating on doing something well. I've tried playing with my lips parted slightly--which works well until I need to think about playing instead of not-pursing...and there goes the Valentina Lisitsa look of breathles anticipation...
I'll look forward to your audio :)

Harriet said...

It's always a shock seeing myself on video. I don't know how you can change long-established habits, especially RE facial expressions. Smiling isn't good, either (unless one wants to look a little crazy).

I had this whole scenario of what the piece was about that I was thinking about while I was playing, but you certainly can't see it on my face! (No, it wasn't a funeral.)

I wish I'd done something different with my hair, but I ran out of time and couldn't think of anything else to keep it out of the way reliably. I need a personal stylist.