Monday, July 2, 2012

Practicing by candlelight

We are once again in thrall to PEPCO's whims and weaknesses -- about 60 hours and counting. So no electricity in our house. I am writing this from the air-conditioned comfort of my office while sipping ice water (two luxuries we won't have for the rest of the week at home, if PEPCO's website is to be believed).

The storm hit Friday night, and the lights went out immediately. A half hour later, they came on again, and relieved, I went downstairs to practice the piano. While I was playing, the power went out again, and this time it stayed out. Since I was sitting there in the dark playing, and there wasn't much else I could do at that point, I continued. A few times I peered down through the darkness to make sure I was starting in the right place, but otherwise was playing by feel. Interesting that I was able to do it without missing any more notes than usual. I guess there are lots of blind pianists.

So that was Friday; on Saturday and Sunday, I either practiced by what natural light was available or used a candle in the evenings. I find it almost impossible to sight-read in such low light, but playing music I know well and basically have memorized is no problem.

Because my piano is in our basement, even though it's been close to 100 degrees Fahrenheit outside, the temperature is not a problem, though I am afraid to look at what the humidity is down there.

If we had a decent way to store food, this lack of electricity wouldn't bother me that much. Except for not having a telephone. Or access to the Internet. Or ... well, on second thought ...

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