Sunday, January 17, 2010


The concert is over!

I'm overall satisfied with how I did. My criticisms:
  • I didn't quite make a couple of the shifts (i.e., the shifted-to note wasn't in tune).
  • There is an obvious struggle between the tempo I wanted and the tempo the conductor wanted (mine was faster). This was something I had no control over. I decided I was just going to keep going and let the chips fall where they would. Some of the chips were probably related to my first criticism.
  • My interpretation was pretty basic. There is much more one could evoke from this music.

The good things:
  • My tone was good.
  • Bowing was clean and not wobbly.
  • I felt a connection with the music.
  • The audience seemed to respond well.
  • I was not paralyzingly nervous! It actually was almost fun once I got out there in front of the audience.
So without further ado:

Silent Woods, live in DC

I'd be happy to read any comments. I'd probably be happier to read good ones than bad ones, but constructive criticism is welcome.


clp150 said...

I'm glad you posted this. This is very good! It appears that all of the work you put into this paid off. It is quite a lovely piece and your performance certainly did it justice.

Harriet said...

Thank you!

pdxknitterati/MicheleLB said...

It's beautiful. Thank you for sharing it. I did not notice any of the things you criticized. And the fact that you didn't feel paralyzingly nervous is a hugely wonderful thing. Well done!

Anonymous said...

Beautifully presented, Harriet.


Anonymous said...

Wow, your solo was lovely, Harriet. I'm sorry I wasn't able to attend the concert--thanks for recording it. Next time ...