Friday, January 15, 2010

Off-topic thought for the week

We've all been hearing about the terrible loss of life and destruction in Haiti this week. As a pampered Baby Boomer American, I can only imagine what it must be like there.

My petty concerns about whether five minutes' worth of music is going to tweak my vanity sufficiently seem particularly -- well, petty. I am grateful to have a solid roof over my head, as much food and water as I want, and top-level medical care at hand if I happen to need it. I live in a society that values civil order and that is set up to protect the public's peace and security. On top of that, I have the freedom and means to pursue my esoteric interests as much as I care to do so.

It so happens that even when there's no disaster calling attention to it, I actually think about these things every time I take a shower or shop at a grocery store. We are all very privileged here in the affluent parts of the world and should not lose sight of that.

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